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Does this ugly fish hold the answers to stabilizing your
blood sugar and halting glucose swings?

Watch the tell-all video to see how

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The surprising answer is yes.

In this presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The little-known nutrient that gives the fish above near-immortality (and how you can steal it for yourself!)
  • The proven science behind why this all-natural “elixir” has been shown to end blood sugar spikes and promote bloodsugar health
  • An easy, all-natural way to restore pancreatic health, stabilizing Insulin production and absorption...
  • ... that works so good, you won’t have to painstakingly monitor what you eat.

See, the fish above may not look pretty, but it is happy and thriving!

This is an example of a type of fish with an average lifespan well over 200 years...

...despite living in one of the planet’s harshest environments… The deep sea, with next-to-no light, oxygen, or nutrients.

The antioxidant that enables this fish to thrive is very rare, but incredibly powerful, and there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it before.

But over the past 5 years, 676,542 people have used this nutrient to help stabilize their blood sugar levels – sometimes eradicating glucose spikes entirely.

So if you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia or other blood sugar problems...

And if you’re currently taking prescription drugs that are loaded with side effects, or doing nothing but trying to fight through your blood sugar problems all on your own...

...then you must pay attention to the information in this presentation.

Because what you’re about to discover can stop your suffering, and can restore your health.

But first…

I do need to warn you.

  • This presentation will not contain fantastic stories of diabetes sufferers going from near-amputation to completely cured in days while eating all of the bread they want…
  • This presentation will not promise you that you can enjoy sugar on top of pasta on top of soda pop, all while your blood sugar levels stabilize and your symptoms go away…
  • And this presentation won’t promise you that some ebook or digital guide that the “medical establishment doesn’t want you to know about” is going to solve all of your problems overnight.

(But it is true that Big Pharma probably doesn’t want you to know about this all-natural antioxidant… because it could lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost profits for them…)

I understand you want to have hope that you and your loved ones can be rid of blood sugar problems and feel better.

And you can.

The agonies that come along with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can vanish from your life with near certainty.

The need to constantly prick yourself in testing your blood sugar or to administer Insulin…

The feelings of fatigue, leg pain, unrelenting hunger, mood swings…

All of that can go away - permanently.

And I’m going to tell you exactly how that’s possible right now.

Hi, I’m Ed O’Keefe, Founder of Marine Essentials, and on this page, you won’t be sold a pipe dream.

Instead, you’re going to find your best chance at true relief…

By using what’s been proven by science to help combat diabetes and restore proper blood sugar levels.

This is a personal mission for me, because I’ve seen beloved friends and family members suffer from blood sugar problems…

...and it turned out all of that suffering was unnecessary and completely avoidable…

Yet I saw modern “medicine” doom them to never having true relief.

Maybe you’ve seen that too, and feel like you’re running out of hope that things will ever get better.

But, right here and right now, I want to tell you something that has the real potential to turn all of that around.

Because scientific studies reveal one antioxidant in particular (and it’s a rare one you might not have ever heard of) that has been shown to…

  • Stop blood sugar spikes
  • Promote gradual and healthy sugar absorption into the body
  • Increase blood sugar health

And what’s even more outstanding is that this very same rare antioxidant has been shown to…

  • Fight the 3 root causes of aging
  • Encourage healthy cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Provide 24-hour protection against dangerous free radicals and toxins
  • Improve blood flow by over 50% while reviving damaged arteries.
  • Slash your odds of brain aging by almost half.
  • Safeguard your eyes for lifelong healthy vision.
  • Boost brain energy levels by a staggering 71%!

And that antioxidant is called Seanol.

How does Seanol work to aid in blood sugar stabilization? By having the ability to dramatically help your pancreas.

If you suffer with any blood sugar problems you might know a bit about the pancreas.

The pancreas is the organ that helps break down food after it has left the stomach, and the pancreas produces Insulin into the bloodstream in order to regulate the body’s blood sugar level.

Regardless of if you’re visibly overweight or not, fat buildup on the pancreas can block it from producing Insulin.

Lack of Insulin production causes the problems and agonies associated with diabetes and other blood sugar issues.

Think of it like an air filter, when it’s clean, air can flow through it, when it’s clogged up, air can’t.

Seanol cleans up your pancreas so that Insulin flows out of it the way it’s supposed to, causing your glucose levels to become stable.

Seanol has been shown to not just stop, but to reverse fat buildup on the pancreas, meaning the pancreas can work properly again, leading to as much as a 10% reduction in blood glucose levels, thanks to the pancreas’s improved ability to produce Insulin.

In fact, Seanol is so good at doing this, that it can work without you having to painstakingly monitor what you eat.

Would I recommend you try to live off a diet of cake and cookies? No. That’d be plain bad advice.

But by regularly ingesting high quality Seanol extract, you can help restore pancreatic health, which means healthy Insulin production, even if you don’t change your current diet.

And, as I mentioned, Seanol is very rare.

And the reason Seanol is so rare will also help you understand just why it’s so powerfully effective – even when other so-called remedies might have failed you.

Seanol comes from the marine plant Ecklonia Cava, which only grows in the deep seas off of the coast of Japan and Korea.

And deep-sea life, like the fish you saw earlier, use the Ecklonia Cava plant for nutrients, living for well over 200 years!

That means… It can be said that by extracting Seanol, we’re able to take some of this deep-sea health and longevity for ourselves.

And this isn’t just theory.

In fact, Seanol has been shown to have the most proven benefits for humans in clinical trials.

The science behind Seanol’s effectiveness is backed up by over 15 years of research and $39 million worth of clinical trials.

Yet I believe that the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry would rather you know nothing about Seanol...

And the fact that in one of many incredible studies, Seanol banished blood sugar swings in as little as eight weeks.

When I discovered the power of Seanol to help banish blood sugar swings, I knew it was essential to help get high quality Seanol into as many hands as possible.

See, I believe that many things, even diabetes and blood sugar problems, are much simpler to solve than we make them out to be.

That’s why a huge part of my life is devoted to finding and developing all-natural supplements that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

And that’s exactly what can happen thanks to Seanol’s clear and proven ability to help “clean” the pancreas.

And I’m among the only supplement manufacturers in the world who has access to one of the most powerful forms of Seanol on the planet...

Thanks to my experience as a supplement manufacturer, I am able to harvest the purest and most powerful form of Seanol on the planet, called Seanol-P, which is the exact form of Seanol used in the clinical trials that I mentioned.

Few other manufacturers have the ability to source this from the deep seas off of the Korean and Japanese coasts…

So if you see Seanol anywhere else, I implore you to be very skeptical of its potency.

Now… I’ve taken this pure, proven Seanol-P from the deep seas off Korea and Japan, and put it into a supplement called MarineD3.

But, and this is a big BUT…

Seanol-P isn’t the only thing in MarineD3 that is proven to help normalize blood sugar levels and provide relief from the symptoms of diabetes.

MarineD3 also contains the very important ingredient Calamarine.

Calamarine is another rare, difficult-to-harvest ingredient found in squid off of the South American coast, and what it does is pretty incredible…

Calamarine has been shown to help boost your body’s levels of the crucial hormone Adiponectin, and this is the hormone in your body that controls how fast or slow sugar gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

Now I hope you don’t mind me getting a bit technical, but it’s important that you know the actual truth of what’s happening in your body, and the actual truth behind how to finally get the relief you want.

See... when you’re low in Adiponectin, glucose can get absorbed into your body too quickly, causing blood sugar spikes and the drops that come after.

Even Harvard studies show that when you’re low in Adiponectin, you have a higher risk of suffering from blood sugar ups and downs.

And Calamarine, the other key ingredient in MarineD3, can raise your Adiponectin, meaning that your blood sugar swings can become way less frequent, and even disappear…

That’s worth repeating: your blood sugar swings can become less frequent, and even disappear…

…All thanks to the combination of Seanol and Calamarine that you’ll get inside MarineD3.

  • Plus each bottle is made right here in the United States...
  • In an FDA compliant facility by a team of expert formulators...
  • And each batch of NutraHer Lean is tested by an independent third-party laboratory...
  • Ensuring that the ingredients on the label are actually inside of each capsule.

Now, you might be wondering, if MarineD3 has been used by hundreds of thousands, and if it has these incredibly powerful proven ingredients, then why isn’t it shouted from the rooftops, why isn’t diabetes totally obliterated, and why do people still suffer?

Well, we’re working to get there.

And we’re on the right path, with over 600,000 Americans using MarineD3 regularly, able to be rid of blood sugar swings, constant hunger, limb pain, and no longer needing Insulin or ongoing prick-testing, I know that we’re getting close to that awesome goal of diabetes obliteration.

But we have to face the pharmaceutical complex. They can be ruthless.

Any hint of a natural remedy, any hint of real relief means that people won’t have to spend money on things like Insulin, dozens of prescription drugs, surgeries, never-ending doctor visits, and so on.

And I bet you can already guess how hard the pharmaceutical industry will fight to keep you unaware, with no choice but to continue to hand them your hard-earned money for nothing but side-effects and complications in return.

And I’m happy to fight them, because what’s most important to me, is people feeling better.

If you’re able to permanently stabilize your blood sugar levels thanks to your first bottle of MarineD3, and never need another bottle again, that would THRILL us!

And even if your blood sugar swings go away with your very first bottle, we do suggest you continue to take MarineD3 regularly, to keep your pancreas nice and clean, and to keep “stealing” health and longevity from the deep seas.

There are millions of people out there to help, the last thing we need is for you to stay sick in order to keep selling bottles of MarineD3. We want you relieved, and we want to help everyone who needs help.

Now... you might be wondering… How do I get to try out MarineD3 for myself?

We originally thought to price MarineD3 at $149 per bottle, which is a 30-day supply…

We consider $149 a bargain compared to the thousands of dollars per month the average diabetes sufferer has to spend on treatment and Band-Aids that don’t help with the real causes of your problems…

But we wanted to do even better than $149, even better than $99 per bottle…

Even though we spare no expense in sourcing the highest quality Seanol and Calamarine on the planet…

Our years of experience in producing MarineD3 enables us to offer the best price on the highest quality ingredients on the market – period.

That’s why, today, you’re going to secure your 30-day supply of MarineD3 for just $69. Shipping and handling is free, which is a $9.95 value.

Click the button below to get MarineD3 right now:

That’s just $69 for the potential of complete relief from blood sugar problems that’s been trusted for over 5 years and used by over 600,000 people and counting.

That’s just over 2 bucks a day for one of the best chances at no more fatigue… no more limb pain… no more constant hunger… no more sudden crashes… no more brain fog… no more testing and needles…

Just over 2 bucks for all of the additional extra health benefits inside MarineD3, like diminished signs of aging, increased mental clarity, even better vision…

Heck… if you thought all of that for just $69 is a great deal… how do you feel about it being just $47 per bottle? I’ll tell you how you can have that in just a second.

And when you get MarineD3 today, you do so completely risk free for 60 days.

That means you have an entire half a year to try MarineD3 and see if it’s right for you. If you try MarineD3 and it doesn’t work for you, and even if it does, you can get a 100% no questions asked refund, quickly and without any hassle at all.

Just call or e-mail our award-winning customer support team and we will issue you a refund no questions asked.

You don’t even need to ship back your order. Keep it as our way of saying thanks for trying MarineD3 out.

When you click the button below to begin your 100% secure, quick and easy checkout process for MarineD3, you’ll see the opportunity to save even more by ordering up to 6 bottles.

This is a great option to stock up, or to pass the relief MarineD3 can offer to your family and friends. Stocking up brings the per-bottle price of MarineD3 down to as little as $47.

Now given how expensive the ingredients are, and how much effort it takes to source them from the deep sea, we practically lose money when you buy the bulk bottle option, but the opportunity to change lives for the better is all worth it.

Just like how we’re able to help Elvis, who wrote us,

“I have high blood pressure, diabetes and my legs and feet swell with edema. I had read that if conditions are extreme like mine, a you can take 4 Marine D-3 capsules per day for the first 2 weeks. (1) My blood pressure has dropped 20 points. (2) The Edema is almost gone. (3) I'm sleeping better and have more energy X2. (5) The skin on my feet is slowly I getting softer. This product is unlike many other things that I have tried, performs as advertised. I tell every one that I know how good Marine D-3 is 3 and recommend it to anybody with or without high blood pressure.” - Elvis Fuentes

Elvis is just one of thousands of happy customers who rely on MarineD3.

I could keep giving you success stories just like this one for hours.

Now... while we do have a decent supply of MarineD3 in stock and available for immediate shipment...

The rareness of the ingredients makes it difficult to guarantee that we’ll have immediate availability of MarineD3 for long.

It has become backordered in the past, and could become backordered at any time.

Also, with the risk of pharmaceutical interests attempting to shut us down so that you have to keep paying them to suffer, it’d be unwise to delay trying MarineD3.

It would be truly tragic to continue suffering for months, return to this page, and see it no longer online because of greedy pharmaceutical interests.

Plus, with the potential for quick relief that MarineD3 can give you, suffering any longer just doesn’t make sense.

If you’re even the slightest bit curious about seeing what MarineD3 can do for you, then click the button below and make the wise choice to try it out today.

Remember, if for any reason you’re not thrilled with it, you’ll get a quick and hassle-free refund, without having to ship back the product…

And if you are thrilled with it, then it’s probably because your blood sugar swings have subsided or stopped completely, causing all of the troubles and pains that come along with unstable blood sugar to go away…

Meaning you feel better, you live happier, and you enjoy every moment more...

In fact, denying yourself this great possibility… ignoring everything you’ve just learned, by saying “no” to MarineD3, is the biggest risk you take today…

Dealing with more pain, more fatigue, more insatiable hunger, more expensive doctor’s visits, more unnatural, side-effect-ridden attempts at treatment…

You risk dealing with that for years to come if you say “no” to MarineD3.

Do not ignore this opportunity and condemn yourself to more suffering.

Real hope is right here in front of you. You heard it first hand from Elvis and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who can rely on and trust MarineD3.

That’s why we think the only real choice is to say “yes.”

You can feel relief as soon as you complete checkout, knowing that something unique, proven, and powerful is on the way to you… something to be excited about.


MarineD3 has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people for over 5 years.

It is all-natural, 100% safe, proven by over $39 million worth of clinical studies, and contains some of the healthiest and most beneficial ingredients on the planet.

So say “yes,” give yourself and the people you love your best chance at relief from blood sugar problems right now, with no risk at all.

We are thrilled for you to experience just how good you can feel.

Click the button below and get MarineD3 right now.

Thank you, Ed O’Keefe, from Marine Essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MarineD3?

    MarineD3 is a unique, 100% natural supplement, whose ingredients have been shown to stop blood sugar swings and the symptoms of conditions like Diabetes Type I, II, hypoglycemia, and other blood sugar problems.

    Those ingredients are Seanol and Calamarine. These are both found in the deep sea, Seanol off of the Korean and Japanese coasts, and Calamarine off of the South American coast.

    It is not easy to source these ingredients, which is why they are so rare and difficult to find in their purest, most beneficial form. But we at Marine Essentials spare no expense, doing everything we can to ensure that MarineD3 improves as many lives as possible, which is one of the reasons MarineD3 has been used by 600,000 Americans over the past 5 years, and is loved and trusted by so many people.

  • How do Seanol and Calamarine help to lower blood sugar?

    Seanol and Calamarine target two of the most important causes of blood sugar swings – meaning they treat root issues! Seanol aids in cleaning the pancreas, which can lead to regulated Insulin production, helping to eliminate blood sugar spikes and drops. Calamarine helps in the production of your hormone Adiponectin, which is the hormone that governs how quickly glucose gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

    The more Seanol and Calamarine you have, the better.

  • Is there anything else in MarineD3?

    Yes. EVERYTHING inside MarineD3 is designed to help you feel better. There’s Calamarine, Omega-3 Oil, Seanol, and Vitamin D3.

    These ingredients have been shown to support healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and so much more.

    MarineD3 is all natural, and for over 5 years, has given hundreds of thousands of people relief and a better life… And we’re excited for you to be the next person who feels better thanks to MarineD3.

  • How do I take MarineD3?

    Each bottle of MarineD3 contains 60 small, easy to swallow softgels. We recommend you take 2 softgels daily. Because MarineD3 is all natural with no side effects, you can take up to 4 softgels daily if you suffer from severe blood sugar swings.

  • How much does MarineD3 cost?

    The relief from blood sugar problems, the improved health, and the potential happy years you can add on to your life thanks to the power of MarineD3, we believe, is truly priceless.

    That’s why we thought our original asking price of $147 to be an incredible bargain – especially because of how expensive testing kits, Insulin, high insurance copays and premiums, are… and MarineD3’s ability to help you save so much money on all of that hassle…

    But what’s even more important than the money you can save is the relief you can feel. That’s why, even though it is expensive and time-consuming to harvest the pure ingredients we use, we use our 5+ years of experience to be able to keep costs as low as possible for you, making 1 bottle just $69, and when you buy multiple bottles, it can be as low as $47 per bottle.

    This includes FREE shipping of your order, which is a $9.95 value.

    And getting MarineD3 today will be 100% risk free.

  • What are the terms of the guarantee again?

    You have a full 180 days, which is 6 months, which is half a year, to try out MarineD3.

    If you don’t love MarineD3 (or heck, even if you DO) all you have to do is call or e-mail our top-of-the-line customer support team and we will give you a complete refund no questions asked.

    And you do NOT have to ship back any product – you can keep it as our way of saying thanks for trying out MarineD3.

    That means the only risk you face today is ignoring this information, and continuing to suffer needlessly.

    Do not condemn yourself to that, when it is totally unnecessary to do so. We believe that you owe it to yourself to get your best chance at relief that comes all naturally, that helps the root causes of blood sugar problems, and that can improve your life for years to come. That relief starts by clicking the button below, and getting MarineD3 right now.

  • Okay, how do I get my first shipment of MarineD3?

    First, click the button below. Then, complete the secure checkout page. Feel good about this smart decision and the new possibilities of better health. Your order will be processed and shipped within 48 hours and sent directly to your door.

    Relief starts with clicking the button below right now. We’re so excited for you to try MarineD3. Click the button below right now.